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Radiology reports designed for patients .

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Automatically generate patient-friendly radiology reports within your existing patient portal.

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Provide custom educational content developed by radiologists, embedded throughout every report.

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Deliver a novel, patient-centered experience with interactive reports and plain language explanations.

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How It Works

Medical terms are highlighted and defined automatically in every report.

Our software analyzes the text of a standard radiology report, translates the medical terms into plain language, and then displays the report in a patient-focused, interactive webpage format.

Patients simply click on medical terms and phrases to show a patient-centered explanation in plain language, right alongside the report.

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Benefits for Physicians

Empower patients with an easy-to-understand report.

Scanslated provides plain language explanations and diagrams to help patients understand complex medical terminology. Our customized educational content appears right alongside radiology reports within a simple, modern interface.

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Benefits for Health Systems

Boost patient engagement, comprehension, and satisfaction.

Your patients will have access to a cutting edge report-viewing experience, with radiology reports presented in a patient-centered, interactive format that’s the first of its kind. Our intuitive, patient-focused interface and report display increases patient engagement, comprehension, and overall satisfaction with the radiology experience.

What’s more, our software integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, minimizing the need for staff training typically associated with the adoption of new technology.

What Patients Are Saying

Scanslated is already available at some of the country’s top hospitals and imaging providers, where we’re seeing excellent results and feedback.

This patient friendly formatting is AWESOME. This is the first mammogram I feel has been completely explained to me to where I understand my results and current risk state fully.


Age 46

Thank you for making me feel comfortable in a slightly scary situation


Age 34

The definitions are so helpful. I don't have to guess at what the report means or find interpretations on the internet. This is the best medical experience I have had since I got an ice cream sundae after a measles shot.


Age 73

This is the best report I've ever received! I wish all my reports were this informative. Best thing since the WHEEL!!!


Age 70

The explanations in this report help me feel empowered to discuss my medical care with my doctor. Kudos to whoever came up with this new option! Super super helpful.


Age 44

This is wonderful for someone like me who doesn’t have any medical vocabulary as a non-native speaker. So thank you for this extra service!


Age 52

I really enjoyed using this app to help explain my test results. Very helpful... I didn’t have to google and get crazy explanations that I don’t understand anyway and worry me more. Great tool!


Age 59

Love it. Sitting in the waiting room to see the doc and can plan what questions to ask based on having the results of my test before I see him. Great tool. Love it.


Age 63

I am sitting here almost in tears. The lengths that Duke has gone to make sure a non-medical person such as myself understands the tests I have received is amazing! I thank you so much! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!


Age 46

Very user friendly. I love being able to read and understand my results without having to wait for the doctor to explain


Age 61

This is extraordinarily helpful. It gave me more confidence in my diagnosis and more understanding of medical terms and expectations to help direct my inquiries for next time.


Age 25

I love being treated as an active participant in my Healthcare. Thank you so much!


Age 71

Great additional information. This does make it much easier to have a discussion with the doctor and also saves me time looking up information on the internet where the information might be misinformation.


Age 78

Love it. Easy to understand, every Doc should use this


Age 71

Excellent presentation; helped me have layperson-level insight into the results.


Age 69

This form of feedback can reduce or eliminate anxiety/fear with a simple, clear explanation of findings and this promotes the best possible outlook and outcome for the patient. 😊


Age 29

I love this! I always have so many questions and end up just obsessing over all of it. This was very user friendly and broken down perfectly. It was easy to follow and finally I was able to understand all of my report, not just some parts. Very satisfied with this feature!!!


Age 44

Amazing! So much valuable information presented in clear, concise terminology.


Age 58

This makes understanding my test results a very easy task. The definitions are extremely helpful and make the difference between “I think I know what that is” and “I’m positive that I understand the report.”


Age 60

I am very technologically challenged but this was AWESOME and SIMPLE so THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Age 57

Very illuminating and gave me peace of mind.


Age 73

I have never received this level of detail in a diagnosis. It is great. Thank you.


Age 74

I think this is very beneficial in me understanding and planning for my care. The wording was very understandable. Thank you.


Age 57

This experience was very helpful. Thank you for making information about my body accessible.


Age 51

The detailed definitions really added clarity to understanding my results. Subsequently, I can ask better questions when I meet with my endocrinologist.


Age 77

This is awesome, the way health care needs to be. Thanks


Age 57

Thank you for this report. I believe i am better prepared to talk to my doctor and make an informed decision.


Age 67

Great asset. I didn’t know the meanings of many words. Thank you for educating me!


Age 61

Being able to review the report prepared me for my discussion with my healthcare provider. I was able to ask intelligent questions and I felt like I had an understanding of what might be going on with me.


Age 56

It is a relief to receive my report. I don’t have to wonder and its explanations are perfect.


Age 65

This is wonderful! It is nice to be able to actually know your results and not have to wait. Waiting is sometimes more stressful than knowing. Love this new feature!


Age 47

Thank you!!! I have a better understanding of what is normal and what is questionable. I can be more proactive in taking care of myself.


Age 72

I really like this. It makes me feel more included and informed about my medical status.


Age 41

Very helpful and feel that I am part of the team caring for my health. I appreciate being able to understand certain medical terminology and be informed about my health and subsequent care plan.


Age 76

This is phenomenal, really! I usually read medical reports with a dictionary in a browser. This is so helpful, I'm just really impressed!


Age 63

Loved the fact that there’s a Spanish option for the definition of highlighted terms.


Age 71

Excellent! Saved me a lot of effort trying to Google what terms mean. The pictures are better than anything I found on Google.


Age 72

This is awesome and alleviates so much anxiety! Thank you!


Age 40

I was pleasantly impressed by how interactive this report is and throughly appreciate the explanations when pressing on highlighted words.


Age 68

I like having the explanation of the highlighted words. It helps me understand my condition better.


Age 71

Our Customers

Scanslated is proud to provide patient-friendly radiology reporting services to a growing number of leading healthcare providers.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Nicholas Befera

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Befera, M.D. is co-founder and CEO of Scanslated, where he leads corporate vision and strategy, and oversees company operations.

Dr. Befera, a board-certified radiologist, earned his M.D. from the University of Minnesota, and completed his radiology residency and fellowship at Duke University.

He currently holds a faculty position at Duke University Medical Center, where he is an Assistant Professor of Vascular and Interventional Radiology.

Dr. Ryan Short

Chief Medical Officer

Ryan Short, M.D., the Chief Medical Officer of Scanslated, leads the research and non-technical development of patient-facing products.

Dr. Short earned his M.D. from The Ohio State University and completed his radiology residency and fellowship at Duke University.

He is currently an Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic Radiology at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis.

Yianni Lagos

Chief Financial Officer & Chairman

As Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of Scanslated, Yianni Lagos manages financial strategy and complex agreements with universities and private entities.

Mr. Lagos, a CFA Charterholder, earned his J.D., Magna Cum Laude, and his M.B.A. from Ohio State University. He earned his B.A., Magna Cum Laude, from Vanderbilt University.

After beginning his legal career at Angie’s List, Mr. Lagos moved to Washington, D.C. to work at an industry-funded think tank, Future of Privacy Forum. He then co-founded the venture capital firm, Spartan Brothers Capital.

Dr. Jennifer Kemp

Chief of Patient Experience

Jennifer Kemp, M.D., FACR is the Chief of Patient Experience at Scanslated and strategically guides the organization towards greater patient and family confidence.

Dr. Kemp earned her M.D. from the University of Kansas and completed her radiology residency at The University of New Mexico and her fellowship at The University of Colorado.

After 21 years in private practice at Diversified Radiology of Colorado, Dr. Kemp served as Vice President of the group and was on the Board of Directors for 10 years. She has served as Chairman of the RSNA Patient-Centered Radiology Steering Committee and is currently Vice-Chair of the RSNA Public Information Committee. She is currently Vice-Chair of Quality and Operations and Associate Professor of Radiology at The University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Estlin Haiss

Creative Director

As the Creative Director at Scanslated, Estlin Haiss is in charge of crafting the company’s visual identity and carrying out its user interface design and content creation initiatives.

Estlin earned his B.A. from Duke University in Visual Media with a minor in Computer Science. After graduation in 2016, he started his own creative practice and served a full roster of clients for five years (Scanslated was actually the first company on it!). In 2022, he joined the Scanslated team in a full-time capacity.

Ken Weaver

Technical Lead

As Technical Lead at Scanslated, Ken Weaver works on ensuring the stability and scalability of Scanslated’s software, as well as building new features to improve and expand the product.

Ken earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of Delaware and has a background in building web applications in health care settings.

Monica Madel

English/Spanish Translator

As an English/Spanish Translator and former CAT scan technologist, Monica Madel works to make Scanslated educational content accessible to Spanish-speaking patients.

Monica earned her bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Sciences from the The University of New Mexico and worked as a CAT scan technologist for ten years, later earning her master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Monica likes to spend her spare time exploring the outdoors with her husband and children.

Emmeline Haiss

Medical Illustrator

As a Medical Illustrator, Emmeline Haiss works alongside her brother, Estlin, creating patient-friendly anatomical diagrams to accompany Scanslated definitions.

Emmeline earned her B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Cincinnati and has lived in both Japan and South Korea for multiple years (but she still has many more countries on her travel bucket list).

Besides drawing, Emmeline also enjoys singing, reading, and food photography.

Dr. Emily Averbook

Medical Content Contributor

Emily Averbook, M.D. joined Scanslated after 28 years of diagnostic radiology practice and five years engaged with machine learning for algorithm development.

She earned her M.D. from Emory University School of Medicine, completed her residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and completed a fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Averbook participates in patient-friendly content creation and design input for Scanslated software.

Scanslated in the Press

Press Release October 2023

US Radiology expands use of Scanslated AI-powered patient reporting to more than 110 outpatient centers nationwide

Since implementing the technology across the majority of its outpatient imaging centers, US Radiology has received feedback from over 150,000 patients who accessed more than 4 million patient-friendly radiology definitions. 95% of patients report improved understanding of imaging results.

US Radiology Specialists via PR Newswire
Reed Smith Viewpoints graphic
Feature October 2023

New study shows positive benefits of innovative patient-centered radiology reports

Reed Smith partner Tom Greeson shares his response to the September 2023 JACR publication by Robert Lopez, MD et al. “The results are encouraging. A strong majority of survey respondents indicated that the patient-friendly report had a positive impact on follow-up visits with their healthcare providers. Patients were left feeling better prepared to understand treatment recommendations. And patients indicated that the patient-friendly radiology report reduced their anxiety about their imaging results.”

Reed Smith
Radiology Business logo
Feature October 2023

Consumer-oriented radiology reports a promising strategy to improve patient-centered outcomes

This article highlights the potential for easy-to-understand reports to improve patient-centered outcomes in radiology, summarizing a September 2023 JACR publication by Robert Lopez, MD et al. “Patient-friendly radiology reports may represent a promising strategy for improving patient-centered outcomes in radiology, where direct patient engagement opportunities are traditionally limited,” the authors advised. Scanslated’s patient-centered reporting software was utilized in the study.

Radiology Business
Journal of the American College of Radiology logo
Academic September 2023

User-Reported Experience of Patient-Friendly Imaging Reports

In this peer-reviewed research study, over 1,000 patients were surveyed about their experience with Scanslated’s patient-friendly reporting software. Patients felt better prepared (81%), had a more productive conversation with their doctor (87%), and better understood treatment recommendations (77%).

Journal of the American College of Radiology
Carle Health segment on WAND TV News
Feature April 2023

Carle Health rolling out new AI software to help patients understand test results

Carle Health is introducing enhanced measures to make it easier for patients to take control of their health. Starting April 4th, patients will see radiology reports interpreted for them in plain language through the MyCarle account or the MyCarle app. “The goal is to inform and empower the patient to better understand and participate in their healthcare,” Dr. Blake Weis, a doctor in Neuroradiology, explains to WAND News.

Scanslated and US Radiology Specialists logos
Press Release December 2022

US Radiology Specialists Expands Deployment of Scanslated

The newly announced expansion includes outpatient imaging sites in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma and embodies US Radiology’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology and a unique, easy-to-navigate patient visit experience across the enterprise.

US Radiology Specialists via PR Newswire
Feature December 2022

Scanslated helping to engage patients by making radiology reports understandable

Scanslated CEO Dr. Nicholas Befera gave an interview from the company exhibit booth during RSNA 2022. Colin Hung of Healthcare IT Today talked with Dr. Befera about Scanslated’s mission to empower patients and the importance of patient-centered care in radiology.

Healthcare IT Today
To Care is Human podcast cover
Podcast August 2022

“I know what’s on the other side of my read”

Scanslated Chief of Patient Experience Dr. Jennifer Kemp joins Tiffany Christensen to share her personal experience navigating the care system by her husband’s side after learning of his cancer diagnosis, which ultimately inspired her to change the way she practiced radiology as she sought to redefine the relationship between patient and provider.

To Care is Human by the Beryl Institute
Scanslated and Duke Health logos
Press Release August 2022

Scanslated Launches with Duke Health

Duke Health partners with Scanslated, Inc. to empower its patients with the first-ever enterprise-wide deployment of patient-friendly radiology reports for a major healthcare system.

Scanslated, Inc. via PR Newswire
Clinical Imagine Volume 89 cover
Academic July 2022

The patient-friendly radiology report: history, evolution, challenges and opportunities

Dr. Nina Vincoff and her co-authors explore the changing role of the radiology report in the context of patient and family-centered care and review new strategies to adapt to this shift, including patient-friendly radiology reports.

Clinical Imaging
RBMA Bulletin, July/August 2022 cover
Feature July 2022

Challenges in patient-centered radiology: Is AI the Answer?

Scanslated CEO Dr. Nicholas Befera offers his insight into the opportunities available today to leverage advanced software technology to smooth the healthcare industry’s transition to a more patient-centered care model for radiology.

RBMA Bulletin
Journal of the American College of Radiology Volume 19, Issue 2 cover
Academic February 2022

Patient-Friendly Radiology Reporting—Implementation and Outcomes

Read our research study on the impact of Scanslated’s patient-centered radiology report platform in a private practice outpatient setting.

Journal of the American College of Radiology
first page of ACR case study
Feature March 2021

Case Study: Patient-Friendly Radiology Reports

Scanslated CEO Nicholas Befera, M.D. and Chief of Patient Experience Jennifer Kemp, M.D. were interviewed by the American College of Radiology for a feature highlighting Scanslated’s successful launch in Colorado.

American College of Radiology Imaging 3.0